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**Update: The funding campaign for the Surro-Kitty® Donation Initiative is now live!

Rather than using a third-party platform, we’ve decided to launch the funding initiative on our own website: Surro-Kitty® Donation Campaign.

The campaign will last from June 11 to July 6, so be sure to share with those who support your rescue efforts. If funding is successful, Surro-Kitty® Sound nursers will be provided to all who have requested a donation. The names of rescues / fosterers are listed on the campaign page**

The Surro-Kitty® Project is a donation initiative aimed at donating up to 1000 Surro-Kitty® units to shelters, rescues, and independent foster carers in the US and abroad.

At the end of the campaign the names of shelters, rescues, and fosterers receiving a Surro-Kitty® will be posted here and on the Project’s Facebook page.

*Update* Our funding campaign for the Surro-Kitty® donation initiative is based on the donation requests submitted as of Monday, June 11, 4:30pm EST. If the funding campaign is successful, Surro-Kitty® Sound nursers will be provided to those whose donation requests were made by the aforementioned date and time. If the funding goal is surpassed, additional nursers will be donated upon request and based on availability. Nursers will ship in Oct. 2018.