We Need YOU

//We Need YOU

We Need YOU

  • Surro kitty mini
  • Surro Kitty original


Each year the Cheyenne Animal Shelter takes in hundreds of orphan kittens during the summertime. These babies are often left behind by their mother, removed from their hiding spot, and brought into the shelter, or sometimes their mother gets taken too soon. At CAS, we stretch our resources as thin as possible to make sure we can care for all of the littles who come into our building. We rely a lot on our fosters and recruiting as many as we possibly can to help us with these babies, but we often run into issues with never having enough people for the number of babies we get in. The Surro-Kitty would help us be able to feed more babies at a time in house. So we can give them a fighting chance until we can get them into foster. Every $1 donated would greatly help the shelter and the 900+ baby kittens that we get in during the summer.


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