The Original Surro-Kitty® w/ Heartbeat!

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The Original Surro-Kitty® w/ Heartbeat!


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The Surro-Kitty® nurser works by utilizing an inner mammary pouch that is positioned at an angle. The bottles are filled with formula and placed inside of the pouch. Once the outer cover is secured in place, orphans are able to nurse just as they would with a natural mother.

Surro-Kitty® nursers are helpful to those who typically have multiple kittens / baby orphans in their care. A litter of hungry babies can nurse at once, instead of waiting for their turn to be bottle fed.

A heating pad is inserted through the rear slit to serve as a source of comfort. The heat mimics the warmth given off by a natural mother. When they are not nursing, babies can keep warm by snuggling with the Surro-Kitty®.

The heartbeat feature also serves as a comforting element. The heart module is inserted in the interior pocket and beats for 16 seconds when pressed.

The Surro-Kitty® nurser is made of soft, machine-washable faux fur. To wash, simply remove the heating pad and heartbeat and wash.

Length: 48.2 cm


Surro-Kitty® Body

Mammary Pouch

8 Bottles (29.5ml) with 8 Miracle Nipples®

Kitty Cover®

30cm x 38cm Heating Pad


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3 cm

White, Black

1 review for The Original Surro-Kitty® w/ Heartbeat!

  1. Janine fakiris

    Every shelter or rescue should have one !! Life saver durning kitten season . It can feed up to 8 kittens at one time . Ever get bottle babies they all need to feed at once they are all crying !! well this has to be the best invention. They also can snuggle with the heat to stay warm feeling like they still have mom .

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