Surrogate Nurser Needed for Orphan Kittens

//Surrogate Nurser Needed for Orphan Kittens

Surrogate Nurser Needed for Orphan Kittens

We are raising $265 to purchase one Surro-Kitty surrogate kitten nurser. We had several orphan bottle babies, like Horatio (pictured above), last year. A Surro-Kitty can fill in when a mama cat is not available and be a lifesaver for kittens like Horatio.



Mama cats make it look effortless, but raising bottle babies is a lot of work! A surrogate nurser from Wholeful Pet can nurse up to 8 kittens at a time and is a more natural experience for the kittens. This allows the kittens to nurse together, like they do with mama, instead of waiting their turn to be bottle fed. Kittens need to nurse as often as every 2 hours so this surrogate nurser can literally be a lifesaver for kittens. Please make a donation today to help us purchase this wonderful nurser.


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