Surro-Kitty® Donation Initiative

//Surro-Kitty® Donation Initiative

Surro-Kitty® Donation Initiative


We’ve launched the Surro-Kitty® Donation Initiative to make the Surro-Kitty® accessible to all rescues and shelters.

Rather than a collective campaign, we have created individual campaigns with no specified end date for rescues. This allows donors to contribute to a specific organization, and it allows groups to fundraise for Surro-Kitty® nursers easily.

To create a campaign for your group, click the “Create A Donation Campaign” link at the footer to register. Log in through the Campaign Portal to begin creating the campaign.




The Surro-Kitty® is a nursing system for orphaned, unweaned kittens. Shelters, rescues, and kitten fosterers use our nursers to care for the many kittens that they encounter every year. The Surro-Kitty® helps caregivers feed multiple kittens at one time, and it allows kittens to nurse in a way most natural to them.

While the Surro-Kitty® is a valuable tool for kitten rescue, many organizations are operating on a limited budget. The purpose of the donation initiative is to allow groups and independent fosters to fundraise for Surro-Kitty® units. Initially, we created a collective crowdfunding campaign for all groups that requested a donation. After receiving requests to have contributions applied to specific groups, we have decided that individual campaigns are the best fundraising solution.

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