Meowtown Surro-Kitty® Campaign

//Meowtown Surro-Kitty® Campaign

Meowtown Surro-Kitty® Campaign

The Surrurro-Kitty® -Kitty® feeder is a wonderful, unique product. This surrogate kitten feeder is made of a plush fur-like fabric, heated, and comes with the option to add purring or heartbeat sounds.

This investment will give our orphaned kittens the chance to nurse on their own and feel as if they are with their true momma.

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Meowtown prides itself on focusing a major part of our organization on saving injured and orphaned kittens.  We get a great number of orphaned kittens, which requires hand feeding.

With the Surro-Kitty® surrogate feeder, these kittens will be able to nurse on their own with a realistic feel. This will not only ensure their health, but also calm and comfort them. 

Please help us in our endeavor to use this amazing product!


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