Karing for Klassy Kat Kittens

//Karing for Klassy Kat Kittens

Karing for Klassy Kat Kittens

Volunteers, from our local, rural animal shelter, who are committed to saving kittens who have no mom and need bottle fed, could benefit so much from the kitten feeder that has 4 feeding stations, a heating pad, and purrs as well (Surro-Kitty Mini w/purr). This could be a lifesaver!



We are a small volunteer group for Butts County Animal Control, a shelter in rural Georgia. We only have a few willing volunteers to feed an often large incoming number of bottle babies. We are committed to helping our community by taking care of and supporting their efforts in saving homeless, orphaned kittens. This kitten feeder looks absolutely wonderful. It could be such a lifesaver for our volunteers and kittens. Compassion fatigue is such a true and real thing. Our bottle baby fosters often suffer emotional exhaustion and well as physical exhaustion from trying to care for kittens who need around the clock attention. Because we have so few volunteers willing to take bottle babies they are often extremely overwhelmed. We are hoping to raise funds to purchase a kitten feeder.


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