Help us save newborn kittens

//Help us save newborn kittens

Help us save newborn kittens

Our fosters labor round the clock to care for fragile newborn kittens. It takes about an hour to feed an entire litter using one bottle at a time. And these kittens need to feed every two hours. If our fosters had the Surro-kitty Nurser, the time spent nursing would be drastically cut.

This is important because the burnout rate for fostering can be very high due to the stress of the work. Anything that can help make the important job of fostering easier will help us to retain these very special volunteers.

Thank you for your generous donation. You are saving lives!



Saving newborn kittens is exhausting work. Yet, our fosters do it again and again because they know that every life is precious. One of the toughest and most time consuming parts of raising a litter of kittens is meal time. The Surro-Kitty allows the foster to feed multiple kittens at once in a way that simulates feeding with mother cat.

We would like to raise enough funds to buy 3 Surro-Kitty Nursers. Help our fosters save new born kittens by providing them with this state of the art tool. Your donations are greatly appreciated.


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