Help the mama-less babies!

//Help the mama-less babies!

Help the mama-less babies!

NAWS Humane Society is a no-kill, non-profit rescue located in Mokena, IL (SW suburbs of Chicago).   We need a couple of surro-kitty’s for when we get those itty bitty kitties who no long have a mama to feed them!  Naws often saves mama’s who will be euthanized due to lack of adopters or foster parents!  and occasionally we get babies without mamas — this will help us with our mission!  Many Thanks



  In May of 2007 the National Animal Welfare Society of the U.S. (NAWS) was formed by a couple of hound loving mamas.  That year we opened a high volume spay/neuter clinic and transported dogs and cats in from very low income areas to try and make a dent in the overpopulation problem.  In 2012 we moved into a much larger facility in Mokena, IL where we were finally be able to house our adoptable dogs and cats, as well as have our wellness and spay/neuter clinic in the same facility.  We have developed an amazing staff in all departments – medical, club services, retail, and rescue, and our volunteers are truly the epitome of hard work and compassion.  We have continued to find amazing men and women who share our love for the animals and all of whom work tirelessly to serve the pets in need.  We still have so much more to do – please consider joining us in this mission of love!


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