Help Harbor Humane Society Feed the Spring Flood of Kittens!

//Help Harbor Humane Society Feed the Spring Flood of Kittens!

Help Harbor Humane Society Feed the Spring Flood of Kittens!

Let’s help Harbor Humane Society feed the spring flood of kittens with a Surro-Kitty kitten feeder, which provides a more efficient and naturalistic way to nurse orphaned or undernourished kittens!


Harbor Humane Society, located in West Olive, helps to rescue, shelter, and find homes for the unhoused and abandoned pets of West Michigan. A recent flood of kittens and pregnant cats this spring has them desperately searching for foster homes for kittens and for people who can bottle-feed orphaned or undernourished kittens. Since I’ve raised two bottle-fed kittens myself, I started wondering whether there was a way for the overwhelmed staff a way to feed these little creatures more efficiently. My search led me to the Surro-Kitty, a wonderful invention that’s so crazy that it just might work!

The Surro-Kitty enables four or more kittens to nurse at the same time, and in an environment that imitates the sensory experience of nursing from a real mother cat.

Many people are strapped for cash right now, I know. But I thought that if enough people are interested, we might be able to get together and buy a Surro-Kitty for Harbor Humane Society. Depending on how many people give, we might be able to get a basic model or a fancier one, or even give them the choice of which one they’d find most helpful.

Full Disclosure: This campaign isn’t sponsored by or officially connected with Harbor Humane Society in any way. I’m just a member of the Holland community who wondered if this might make their work easier, and I know they’re too busy caring for animals to answer questions right now.


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