Finish Line Farm Cat Rescue

//Finish Line Farm Cat Rescue

Finish Line Farm Cat Rescue

Let’s raise the money to help out neonatal and their rescuers!



Hey everyone!

As you’ve noticed, I’ve been volunteering at a cat rescue where neonatal and tiny kittens are surrendered on a daily basis.

Halie and Hillary were once given 22 neonatal kittens to feed and care for every hour on the hour and there was barely any sleep.

I want to give back by helping them feed at the very least 8 kittens at a time or change litters out as they care for and medicate and clean the bottoms of each baby. This is something that that would be beneficial, educational, loved and used over and over by these two.


Gas prices are high and times are tough, but even $1 towards this would be greatly appreciated! Think it over the next time you see a pack of strays at your gas station parking lot!


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