Donate towards a Surro-Kitty Nurser

//Donate towards a Surro-Kitty Nurser

Donate towards a Surro-Kitty Nurser

Customized Surro-Kitty Nurser


Living in South Florida, it is kitten season all year round. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of bottle feeders. Most neonates are euthanized at the shelter as they have no overnight staff to attend to these babies. Having a Surro-Kitty Nurser would enable our fosters to take an extra litter and let the Surro-Kitty do some of the work. It’s not just bottle feeding – once they’re fed they have to be “burped” and cleaned. In multiple kitten litters that could amount to 2 hours and then the process gets started again. Anyone who has ever bottle fed knows there is no rest for the weary. However, it is the most rewarding feeling knowing you gave “life” to these precious bundles of fur. Your donation would help our rescue save so many more babies. Thank you in advance.


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