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    Customize An Original Surro-Kitty®

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  • Surro-Pooch™

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    The Surro-Pooch™ is a comforter and nurser for orphaned puppies. Made of machine-washable faux fur, the Surro-Pooch™ provides a soft, realistic feel for nursing puppies. The insertable heating pad mimics the warmth of a natural canine mother, while the pulsating heartbeat helps provide puppies with a sense of well-being. Length: Approximately 40 cm *Patent Pending
  • Customize A Surro-Kitty® Mini

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  • Surro-Kitty® Mini, White

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    The Surro-Kitty® Mini allows up to 4 small baby orphans to nurse at once. Babies are able to nurse from the Surro-Kitty® Mini as they would with a natural mother. The heating pad provides continuous warmth for comfort and soothing. The Surro-Kitty® Mini is made of machine-washable faux fur and cotton. Handmade in the United States. Length: Approximately 38.1 cm *Patent Pending Includes: Surro-Kitty® Body Mammary Pouch 4 Bottles (29.5ml) w/ nipples* Kitty Cover 30cm x38cm Heating Pad   *The nipples included are not the Miracle Nipple®, however, Miracle Nipples® can be used with this unit.
  • Surro-Kitty® Mini

  • Nurser Replacement Components

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    Bundle of replacement components for each nurser. Select the appropriate replacement collection for your specific model from the drop-down list.
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  • Most kittens come into the shelter without a mother. Bottle kittens have the highest mortality rate.
  • Oshana SPCA is an animal welfare organisation for the protection of animals and the prevention of cruelty to all animals in Ovamboland in the far north of Namibia. We  rescue many dumped and abandoned kittens during "kitten season". During 2018, we had between 16 and 24 kittens at a time between 2 foster mommies, all which needed to be bottle fed. In preparation for the future, we need surro-kitties to help feed all the babies!
  • For Baby Kittens!

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    WOW-help us get some Surro-Kitties! The Original Surro-Kitty® is a nursing device that allows up to 8 kittens to nurse at once. Kittens are able to nurse from the Surro-Kitty® as they would with a natural mother. The Surro-Kitty® is made of machine-washable faux fur and cotton. A heating component is included to mimic the warmth from a mother cat.
  • Surro Kittyis an artificial device made to feel ike a mother cats belly and nipples.  The babies then can feed from these nipples after the formula is places in a pouch connected to the nipples. It is covered in soft fur like material and has arms and legs for support when lying in the cage.
  • Operation CatSnip is a not for profit that gets orphaned kitties from feral colonies. We have one bottle feeder that feeds for our organization and many others. This would be a life saver for us and her!
  • To help support our bottle feeder fosters!
  • Help us get a Surro-Kitty Nurser. This device will allow us to feed entire litters of orphan kittens at once. 1 or 2 orphans are easy to care for while you work. But maintaining litters of 5 or more is time consuming and challenging. We expect this to help us save more orphans in the future, so help us get 1 or more!!! A surro kitty will be shipped once the cost of 1 is covered.
  • The Barker Rescue Project is a 501c3 rescue saving lives through spaying/neutering, adoptions, & providing the opportunity for community awareness, education & involvement. The Barker Rescue Project is run 100% by volunteers and donations. The more help we get the more cats and kittens we can help. It is that simple. Foster, donate, share  it is all for the kitties.
  • Surro- nursers serve as surrogate mothers for orphaned kittens and puppies. The nursers provide a soft and realistic feel, allowing kittens and puppies to nurse in a way most natural to them. This would be a great and much needed addition to our rescue as we constantly have orphaned kittens and puppies needing our help! For anyone who has ever fostered a litter of kittens or puppies you understand how tiresome and difficult it can be to keep up with the bottle feeding schedule of multiple mouths! This device would allow us to help so many animals in need. The beginning weeks of a newborn's life are critical! They are constantly feeding, needing warmth, and the affection and love of their mother. However, many orphaned kittens and puppies miss out on a lot of that which can result in life threatening complications, stress, and often time leads to death. The Surro Nurser provide's kittens the warmth and feel of a mother cat, along with the ease and access to eating whenever they need to. This also takes the stress off a foster trying to bottle feed multiple babies every 2-4 hours which means we would likely be able to find foster homes for them easier and SAVE MORE LIVES! We appreciate the support and generosity of so many of you! This would mean so much to RARE and the animals to be able to provide the love and care they need.
  • Help the foster Kitten project save kittens with this time saving device!  With this neat product we can feed more kittens!  It can be very time consuming bottle feeding one kitten at a time. With this we can leave them to feeding while we take care of other chores.
  • The Cat Network would like to add  more resources to be able to save more kitties
  • The kitten nurser
  • Meshoppen Cat Rescue

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    Cat Rescue
  • Last Hope Cat Kingdom

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    This donation initiative benefits Last Hope Cat Kingdom. Urban Cat Coalition is raising funds for a Surro-Kitty® Sound nurser to aid in the organization’s rescue efforts. Your contribution goes toward the purchase of (1) Surro-Kitty® Sound unit and (1) Surro-Kitty® Heartbeat unit. The donation campaign ends when the target goal is met. Contact: Friends@LastHopeCatKingdom.org, Pam Moody
  • A Purr-fect Fit Animal Rescue & Adoption Center is raising funds to purchase a Surro-Kitty® nursing device that allows up to 8 kittens to nurse at once.
  • Help Berrien County Humane Society receive a Surro Kitty Nurser!
  • This Surro Kitty would help us so much, freeing up time to cuddle, love on and socialize the babies...not to mention disinfecting playpens, floors, washing the blankets and so much more.!