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Surro-Kitty® Nursing Set: For Feeding Kittens and Puppies   A 2-unit kitten and puppy nursing set is available for pre-order through November 15. The nursing set includes 1 Surro-Kitty® Mini and 1 interchangeable Surro-Kitty® that is suitable for both kittens and puppies.  The Surro-Kitty® Mini that is included in the nursing set has an extra feature that separates it from our standard Surro-Kitty® Mini - it features a heartbeat! It is also compatible with the Miracle Nipple®. The interchangeable Surro-Kitty® also features a heartbeat and Miracle Nipple®-compatibility. It is also suitable for nursing puppies. Six PetAg puppy bottles are included for a seamless transition from a kitten nurser to a puppy feeder. The nursing set is only available through pre-order until November 15, 2019. Pre-ordered nursing [...]

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